Carryout G2+

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Same Great Flexibility

Change providers, keep your antenna – the ultimate in flexibility!

The Winegard Carryout G2+ offers the ultimate in flexibility with the ability to be completely portable, roof mounted, or mounted on our rear cab, ladder, window or tri-pod mounts.

Easily switch providers between DIRECTV, DISH and BellTV!

Carryout G2+ Features
  • Compatible with multiple providers
  • Easily switch providers at power inserter
  • Powered over coax through power inserter
  • Permanent & temporary mount options
  • Fully automatic satellite acquisition
  • Simple setup
  • Multi-TV viewing
  • Ultra-small and compact


Where can I get a receiver and programming?

For receivers and programming, call 1-714-630-7276 or visit

What happens if the Carryout G2+ antenna stops working or if I can’t set up the antenna properly?

Contact Winegard Technical Services by emailing or by calling 1-800-788-4417.

What additional features does the power inserter provide?

The dipswitches are easily accessible on the power inserter. This provides quick access to provider changes and eliminates the removal of the dome. Additionally, the power inserter has onboard LED diagnostics, delivering immediate operational feedback.

Can I use any coaxial cable with the Winegard G2+?

No, you must use the supplied coaxial cable provided to you by Winegard Company.

Are any other Winegard products compatible with the power inserter?

No, the power inserter must only be used with the Winegard G2+.

What do I need to set up the Carryout G2+ antenna and power inserter?

You will need a TV, an activated receiver with programming package, and a 110/120VAC outlet, and the included coaxial cabling for the Carryout G2+ antenna to complete setup.

Does the Carryout G2+ antenna need to be perfectly level?

No. However, the antenna may take longer to lock onto signal if the antenna is not level

Will the Carryout G2+ antenna work while in-motion?

No, the Carryout G2+ antenna is a stationary antenna.

Can I mount the Carryout G2+ antenna to a vehicle?

With Model RK-2000 roof mount kit (sold separately), the Carryout G2+ antenna can be permanently mounted to a vehicle.

Does the Carryout G2+ antenna work with a DVR?

Yes, the Carryout G2+ antenna can be set up to work with most DVR receivers. Two coaxial cables will need to run from the Carryout G2+ antenna to the DVR, and the receiver will only be able to watch or record from one satellite at a time, which may limit some DVR functionality. The Carryout G2+ antenna is not compatible with the Hopper/Joey for DISH. The Carryout G2+ antenna is not compatible with H25, HR34, or HR44 for DIRECTV (unless the SWM-840 accessory kit is added).

Does Winegard Company recommend using a DVR with the Carryout G2+ antenna?

DISH and DIRECTV do not recommend using receivers with internal hard drives in a mobile environment prone to excessive vibration or heat. For this reason, Winegard recommends a single tuner receiver.

How do I protect the Carryout G2+ antenna from theft?

The antenna comes with an eyelet attached to the base; the eyelet enables the antenna to be padlocked or secured to a permanent fixture (not included).

Does the Carryout G2+ automatically toggle between satellites?

Yes. As you change the channel, the Carryout G2+ antenna will automatically toggle to the corresponding satellite.

Will I be able to watch Bell TV in the United States with the Carryout G2+ antenna?

The Carryout G2+ antenna will work in areas where Bell TV provides a signal. Bell TV has recently significantly reduced signal coverage in the United States, and viewing outside of Canada will be extremely limited.

I have cable at home and don’t want to switch or pay for satellite programming all year when I will only need it for a few months. What are my options?

DISH offers pay-as-you-go programming. There are no contracts and no commitments—simply pay for the months you would like satellite television service. Call 1-877-435-0181 to sign-up or visit for more information.

Is the Carryout G2+ antenna compatible with Shaw Direct service in Canada?

No, the Carryout G2+ antenna is not compatible with Shaw Direct.

Can I get HD service with the Carryout G2+ antenna?

HD programming is available with DISH and Bell TV. Keep in mind that in order to receive HD programming, you must have an HDTV as well as an activated HD receiver with an HD programming package (sold separately).

What satellite providers and satellites work with the Carryout G2+ antenna?

The Carryout G2+ antenna is compatible with the following: DIRECTV® – 101°, 119° DISH® – 110°, 119°, 129° Bell TV™™- 82°, 91°

Do I need to go through all receiver setup steps every time I use the antenna?

As long as the receiver configuration has not been altered since last usage, no re-configuration is necessary. If the configuration has been changed by connecting the receiver to a different antenna, re-configuration may be necessary and instructions can be found in the user guide or online at

If I hook up two TVs to the antenna, can I watch any program on either TV?

You can watch any program on either TV as long as the programs are on the same satellite.

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