MotoSAT is a manufacturer of automated satellite TELEVISION and INTERNET antennas. As a market pioneer, the company has become a leader in push-button automated systems that locate satellite signals from vehicles and mobile units for television and broadband Internet access. Our customer base includes the oil-and-gas market, a variety of emergency command and tactical response centers, medical applications, and recreational vehicle enthusiasts. 


Compatible Controller


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Works with the following Motosat Mounts
  • HD SL5 DirecTV
  • HD DP3 Dish Network


  • DirecTV 101
  • Dish Network 119

RF Mogul has just announced the release of its new EAGLE RE-1 satellite TV controller which will operate your MotoSAT satellite TV dish. It is designed to automatically search and acquire the programmers satellites. It is packed full of features that you have requested such as...

  1. Operation simplicity (one button operation,SEARCH and STOW). The ability to manually move the dish by selecting by selection an option from the front panel menu.
  2. Display of a warning of excessive heat build up in your electronics cabinet.
  3. Preservation of your most important BLUE light.
  4. GPS included
  5. For the SHAW customers, the ability to upgrade your LNB to the new xKU LNB which is required to view all all three of the SHAW satellites when in Canada.
  6. Ongoing support

The installation is simple and uses your existing control and coax cables.

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February 22 2013

EAGLE RE-1 Part Number RE-1
Price: $895.00