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The iDirect Access plans are full-time, always on, un-metered service plans. These plans allow unlimited web surfing, email, and other common web applications. But, to maintain network quality for all users, applications like VoIP, video, Skype ™, Netflix ™, Hulu ™, and all of the other services that require a constant non-bursting stream of data to operate are given very low data rates and very low data packet priority within the network. If you seriously must use your Netflix account over your satellite Internet connection we recommend our RV Entertainment service plans with Nightshift.

Do Your Netflix Streams Buffer?

•Buffering messages ruin your Netflix viewing?

•RVEntertainment With NightShift pre-loads the TV shows and movies you want so you can watch them without buffering.

•NightShift pre-loads your favorite TV shows and movies during your free zone. This provides you with the ability to consume nearly unlimited video.

•Streaming video takes a lot of monthly usage. A single hour of HD video can use up to 2.5GB!

RV Entertainment with NightShift™ Solves Your Netflix™ over Satellite Problems

  • Get rid of the dreaded ‘buffering’ messages that ruin your video experience.
  • Get full high definition (HD) video.
  • *A Netflix subscription is required.


How NightShift Works

Dedicated storage is added to a CPE device router. Software running in the cloud gives pre-positioning instructions to the software running on the CPE.

The CPE downloads the content during off-peak hours, when the network has extra unused capacity or when the end user has the lowest data usage rates.

When a user consumes pre-positioned content, it is served from the storage on the CPE instead of being delivered from the Internet. This allows the content to be delivered at the peak rate of the network, without using peak time Internet bandwidth.

RV Entertainment

RV Entertainment service plans are for RV enthusiasts who regularly use Netflix for their video entertainment. Using Netflix over cellular can be a very painful experience, with network buffering and the additional data charges that can run a cellular bill up by hundreds of additional Dollars in just a month.

The RV Entertainment plans are full-time, always-on satellite broadband plans that have a fixed monthly cost and include a late-nite “Free Zone”, when Netflix movies and TV shows can be downloaded at full network speeds using NightShift™. NightShift™ allows you to select content from Netfliix for download, then NightShift™ waits until your “Free Zone” period to download the content to your RVDataSat system’s router, where it will then be available for your enjoyment at any later time.


Satellite Internet VoIP Service

Now you can enjoy reliable phone service in any location, with no spotty coverage or dead zones. Satellite voice over IP (VoIP) uses your Internet connection to complete your calls.

– Unlimited local and domestic USA long distance
– Works with any analog telephone, cordless or corded
– Available local phone numbers for most areas

Only $24.95 per month (12 month term)

For more information call now 714-630-7276