If you are looking for DirecTV satellite receivers RV satellite can help you with this 
please call me 714-630-7276 and have your DirecTV account number available. 

Receivers that are available for purchase are:

HD DVR HR24 199.00
HD H25 99.00
DirecTV Genie  please keep in mind DirecTV will only put one on account

This category contains 1 subcategory
DIRECTV SL5 Slimline KA/KU Non-SWM LNBF Part Number SL5K4NR1
Price: $49.95
DirecTV IR Remote Part Number
Price: $4.00
DIRECTV Universal RF : IR Part Number RC66RBX
Price: $20.00
SWM 2 Way Splitter Part Number SPLIT2
Price: $4.85
SWM 8 Way Splitter Part Number SPLIT8
Price: $10.75
Price: $8.65
Wall Mount for H25 Receiver Part Number H25MNT
Price: $4.10
Compact RF Modulator Part Number CRF907FD
Price: $20.00
Under Window Jumper Part Number 144823
Price: $21.00
DirecTV B Band Converter Part Number SUP2400
Price: $19.99
SWM Multiswitch SWM8 Part Number SWM8R2
Price: $145.60